An unforgettable experience In Igea Marina

We can only tell you that a holiday at Hotel Boston is not just a simple holiday that offers all that you would expect at a 3* hotel. To spend a holiday at Hotel Boston means you care about yourself; this is why you choose to share the love of a family who will welcome you to the heart of their home.

It is this love through the simple, essential, genuine and familiar that will make your holiday, to use the phrase, the winning goal at the 90th minute. Romagna, we know, is the symbol of hospitality, but we want to do more……..because it is not only the pleasure of staying at Hotel Boston but when you return home your memories of our 3* hotel and your holiday here will bring a smile in the moment you least expect.
You have available a simple environment, without too many frills but a meticolous attention to detail; nothing left to chance because it is often a simple feature that makes a big difference, like the importance of a smile, that costs nothing but can totally change your day.
When spoilt for choice we offer simplicity and all that is pure. We do not promise anything other and an unforgettable holiday.


Where we stand out

Completely refurbished, we can be found on the pedestrian precinct of Igea Marina, a few steps from the beach and near to the Gelso public park. We believe in the smile at first sight, all the rest you will discover as you go.

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Reviews from our guests

Here are the views of some of those who have already been on holiday with us!

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    Will definetly consider to go back againg.

    Very friendly Staff and very good Espresso. We had such a pleasent time in the Hotel Boston and it is very close to the beach. Very quite during the night.

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    Annalisa Dubla

    This is paradise! Only good vibes here.